Variable Reach Truck Meclift ML5012R

Product Description

The little giant full of capabilities.

Through its exceptional agility and functionality, the Meclift™ Variable Reach Truck ML5012R provides an opportunity for multiple savings. Its compact size and hydraulically movable driver’s cab enable to split material handling time into a half compared to a situation, in which a different machine is used for each work phase.

Meclift™ ML5012R is the heaviest model in the range of Meclift™ Variable Reach Trucks, and has a lifting capacity of 50 tons at a load center of 1,200 mm. In fact, Meclift™ ML5012R is the world’s smallest machine in its lifting capacity range. Due to its horizontal boom structure and compact size it is ideal in handling heavy loads in confined spaces, for example inside cargo vessels.

Good reaching capability eases material handling on many occasions since there is no need to drive the machine beside the load in order to lift it. The lifting capacity at a full reach of 2,250 mm is 25 tons.

“Meclift helped us reduce material handling time by 50%.”