Top Lifter Ferrari F42 G4, G5, G6

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Range 40 tons u/twists
Tyres 18,00-25
Attachments Top Spreader 20’ 40’ gantry mounted

All welded box type. Torsion resistant structure. Low center of gravity.

Euromot step 3. Lowest fuel consumption, and best performances.

Electronically controlled with integrated torque converter.

Extra wide front axle for maximum stability. Hub reduction.
Wet disc brakes. Oil cooling. Extra heavy duty type.

Articulating axle with double acting single cylinder.
Full hydrostatic steering system (Orbitrol).

Powerful and reliable. Variable displacement piston pumps with load sensing distributor of the electronic control type to reduce fuel consumption and emissions.
Multifunctional joystick to control mast and forks movements smoothly and efficiently.

The most reliable and easy to service. 24 V. – Two 12 V. batteries of low maintenance type. High performance alternator.

High torsion. High quality steel. Free visibility. Heavy duty bearings. Lift cylinders hoses and chains located on the blind angles

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Product Description

Break-Bulk Cargoes

Complete range of forklift trucks designed for heavy duty purpose:
Lifting capacities from 10 up to 50 tons at 1200 mm load centre
Modular mast configuration: duplex or triplex, standard or full free lift

Large variety of handling configurations:
- Straight forks of different lengths
- Boom for coils
- Timber and log handling
- Pipe clamping
- Vacuum clamping
- Magnetic clamping

Container Handling

Complete range of heavy-duty forklift trucks designed for container handling:
- Lifting capacity from 25 to 50 tons at 1200 mm load centre
- Modular mast configuration up to 6 x 8’6”
- Inverted fork mounted spreaders
- Fixed 20′ or 40′ or telescopic top spreader 20′- 40′
- Quick release system for forks
- Compact wheelbase for minimum turning radius

RORO Configuration

Forklift trucks dedicated to operate in a roro environment:
- Lifting capacity from 10 up to 50 tons at 1200 mm load centre
- Low mast profile to work in lower decks
- Modular mast configuration duplex, triplex and quadruplex full free lift
- Compact wheelbase for minimum turning radius

Gantry Spreader

Forklift trucks equipped with gantry-mounted spreader dedicated for container handling:
- Models: Ferrari 42 G4 and G5; Ferrari 45 G4, G5 and G6
- Lifting capacities up to 45 tons
- Lifting heights up to 6 x 8’6”
- Telescopic top spreader ISO 20′- 40′ gantry mounted
- Side shifting, slewing and outreach as standard