Container Mover ML36CMfx40

Product Description

High usability in 40 feet container moving

Meclift™ Container Mover ML36CMfx40 is especially designed for handling 40 feet containers. It efficiently moves containers between locations and lifts them on and off normal highway chassis. It fits trough narrow terminal doors, and under bridges in road traffic.

Meclift™ ML36CMfx40 can be attached to most terminal tractor brands. In addition to high usability and efficiency, it provides good work safety in demanding conditions. The low structure of the machine enables open forward-visibility from the terminal tractor’s cabin. There are no sharp impacts on the reaching device, which improves work ergonomics.

Meclift™ ML36CMfx40 is powered by the terminal tractor’s hydraulics. Height can be raised and lowered for loading and unloading containers on trailers or on the ground. The front and rear twist-locks can be separately adjusted sideways to grip the container.

“Enormous savings in money and timewise.”