Side Reach Stacker Meclift ML5016SR

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Product Description

Efficient logistics between railroads and highways.

Meclift™ ML5016SR is an ideal solution when containers are handled in confined places. With a lifting capacity of 42.5 tons under the top lift spreader at a load center of 1.6 meters, it stacks containers up to three high with duplex booms and even four high with triplex booms. The lifting height is customizable according to the customers’ needs.

When it comes to agility, functionality, efficiency and safety, this side reach stacker is an ideal solution. With a container lifted to the top of its frame, it handles cargo in very tight places and moves at speeds up to 30 km/h. Meclift™ ML5016SR can be driven through a standard 6 by 5-meter terminal door opening.

Meclift™ ML5016SR enhances logistics between railroads and highways even in areas without advanced infra-structure. All that is needed is a solid ground, on which to lay a foundation for a cargo handling station. This side reach stacker is manufactured by special order only.

“Meclift Side Reach Stacker is a shortcut between railroads and highways.”